We just want our phones to work every time we pick them up! We don't want to have to fight with low-quality cords that could possibly harm our expensive phones. 4EVERCORD seeks to solve this issue by giving you high-quality products at reasonable prices. We're a small company, but we're going to do right by you!



In 2017, I stopped to purchase a cord and a car charger because what I had just purchased days prior had crapped out. I bought the products and before the day was done, both the charger and cord had stopped working. Over the next two weeks, I purchased three more cords and two chargers - and they all broke. smh.

This had to stop. Not everyone wants to keep having to buy cords and chargers constantly just to keep their phone charged. I put together a team of experts who understood how to make a good, quality cord. I spent a lot of money on these cords just so that I alone could have a good product. After receiving the spec cord, I plugged it into my phone and for three years it worked without an issue. But now I had about 200 cords that I wouldn't need as often as I thought. So, I started handing them out to co-workers - and they loved them! 4EVERCORD was born and we only want to provide the best products possible!